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Lances and spears from own production and glue!
In : plastic and metal

Prices from: € 1,00



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Fine Scale Factory
Scenery from different eras
In : Tin, Resin

Prices from: € 1,00
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Acrylic paint in many colours
In: bottles of 17ml

Prices from: € 2,20
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Flags, banners etc. from different eras
In: Paper

Prices: from € 3,95
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Magic Sculp / Milliput
2 Components modelling stuff
In : 100 gram (2x 50 gram pots)

Price: till € 8,00
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Service from Osprey, Concord and Squadron-Signal E-books put on CD

Price: € 2,00 for the CD


E-book on CD