Below you can find some Frequenty Asked Questions and Answers:


In all prices Dutch VAT are included.

After your order has been handled, you will recieve a confirmation e-mail which will show you the total price of your order and the shippingcosts.


At the moment the only payment method is pre-payment or payment in advance. Payments with creditcard or Pay-pal are not possible yet. You can pay the total amount on the bankaccount of

Sending goods:

The items which we hold at stock can be send in a couple of days. Those we don't have in stock, have to be ordered at the factory and will take some more time. We 'll keep informed by e-mail. (Remember: we have changing stock and : Gone = Gone, specially those items which are going out of collection!!)


The shippingcosts we calculate are the shippingcosts of the TPG Post without any extra. All packages send abroad will be shipped "insured".

Collecting your order:

It is possible to collect your order by yourselves. When this is what you want please mention this with your order. After recieving your order we'll make contact by e-mail or telephone and make the appointment for collecting.


It is possible to order an article and we send it to someone else for a present. When you tell us in your ordering e-mail as a REMARK, we can arrange it for you! (Rememer: This is posible only when the item required is at stock!!!).

You still have a question?

Please send us an e-mail with your question , look at "CONTACT"