sells non painted tin metal figures and accessories scale 1:72

We sell our plastic/resin/tin metal figures unpainted!!!

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The fairs below will be attended bij Miniatuurwereld in 2015:
17+18-01-2015: Emslandmodellbau at Lingen (D) No trade, but we do a painting demo and free figure painting for visitors. We also take some diverse with us. At this fair you can see a lot of mideling : Link HERE Attention: You have to pay an entrance fee to get in.
31-01-2015: Ducosim, De Flint Amersfoort, Link: Also Entrance fee!
30-05-2015: Ducosim, De Flint Amersfoort, Link: Again Entrance fee.
07-06-2015: FIGZ, Dennenweg 106, Arnhem : The fair in the netherlands for figures between 54mm and 1mm , NO ENTRANCE FEE, IT IS FREE. Link: Also in German and English.
Publications of 2012 and older :
24-10-2010: In short notice I will add the plastic figures departmentin English to the website, so it will be the same as the Dutch site. From stories of customers I learned that shops for plastic figures are not so well spread as I thought they would be. So in a couple of weeks the whole shop will be translated in English and all figures can be ordered..
01-10-2010: a lot of new Vallejo Model Colour paints arrived
12-05-2010: A lot of new sets from Hecker and Goros Metal figures arrived today. Check out this list
24-04-2010: I haven't heard anything from Fine Scale Factory lately. Luckily I could lay my hand on some sets from Fine Scale Factory. I recieved 2 shippings and I am busy sorting them out because it is very unstructured. Hope to get a third(big) shipment in short notice. I am really affraid that this will be the last sets with figs from Fine Scale Factory because no production has made since end 2009. Fairly not all sets were there. I will add the amount of stock to the existing lists of Fine Scale in a couple of weeks. Good lists can be made after recieving that third shipment. Pse some patience. Feel free to inform about what we have in stock now!!
14-04-2010: From today will start a new Service: Miniatuurwereld can put an E-book from Osprey, Concord or Squadron-Signal on a CD for you. For all the titles: look here.
Announcement: the Fourth Dutch Figures Meeting will be held on Sunday 6th June 2010 in Kampen.
On 15, 16 and 17 January 2010 Miniatuurwereld will be on a modelling fair in Lingen Germany. The Emslandhallen will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 till 18.00 H. We'd like to welcome you there. Therefore it is not possible to answer you emails during our stay on this fair.

21-06-2009: Third Dutch Figures Meeting in Kampen. For Photo's

From 1 dec 2006 it is possible to pay with PAYPAL !

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