Terms of Delivery to Customer.

Article 1. Definitions:

In these Terms of Delivery the following terminology is used, unless otherwise stated:

Miniatuurwereld.com : the user of these Terms of Delivery;

Customer: the counterparty: has to be a person, not a company, trader or a business etc;

Agreement: the agreement between Miniatuurwereld.com and the Customer;

Customer-buy: the agreement to buy and sell a certain product, made between a seller, being a company or a business, and an customer, being a person, not a company or a business etc.

Article 2. Application:

2.1 On all offers, orders and agreements, made through the online shop of Miniatuurwereld.com, and in which Miniatuurwereld.com is a party, these Terms of Delivery are applicable, and all other terms are excluded.By excepting an agreement between Customer and Miniatuurwereld.com the Customer accepts these Terms of Delivery.

2.2 Specific deviation from these Terms of Delivery is only possible by a written approval from Miniatuurwereld.com. Other terms will stay in tact.

2.3 All rights or claims, as obtained out of these Terms of Delivery or other agreements with Miniatuurwereld.com, shall also be obtained with third parties engaged by Miniatuurwereld.com.

2.4 Miniatuurwereld.com has the right to change these Terms of Delivery without notifying Customer.

Article 3. Offers and agreements:

3.1 All offers done by Miniatuurwereld.com are written offers without engagement, unless Miniatuurwereld.com has to cancel these written offer due to practical, urgent or other reasons. An offer has a clear date and a clear expiry date.

3.2 The agreement between Miniatuurwereld.com and Customer passes at the moment Customer places an order in the online-shop of Miniatuurwereld.com by sending a e-mail mentioning the products wanted with name, adress, city, country etc.

3.3 After Miniatuurwereld.com received the order from Customer, Miniatuurwereld.com will send a.s.a.p. a confirmation mail to Customer. After that Customer recieves an e-mail with all the costs of the ordered product(s), shippingcosts, insurance etc.and a date when the products will be brought at TPG post by Miniatuurwereld.com.

3.4 All statements of numbers, specifications, or other descriptions of product by Miniatuurwereld.com are handled with care. Miniatuurwereld.com cannot guarantee that there will be no deviations.

3.5 A (price) offer does not commit Miniatuurwereld.com and can just be seen as an invitation of placing an order.

Article 4. Privacy statement:

4.1 Miniatuurwereld.com will use the personal information of Customer only in one or more files, and will add a customernumber to it.These files will only be used by Miniatuurwereld.com. The only purpose of use of this personal information by Miniatuurwereld.com is to fulfill the agreement made with Customer, and to make special personal offers in the future or to provide news. Information of Customer will not be given or sold to other parties.

4.2 The personal information used by us, is the information the Customer passes on with the order (Name, Adress, etc.) in the on-line shop of Miniatuurwereld.com.

4.3 Only when Customer does not want any personal offers or news, from Miniatuurwereld.com, Customer can make a written apply ( fax, letter or e-mail) to Miniatuurwereld.com for stopping this.

Article 5. Prices:

5.1 Unless otherwise stated all prices used by Miniatuurwereld.com shop are in Euro's (EUR/ € ), Dutch VAT is included for customers within EU.

5.2 Non-EU Customers can buy without 19% VAT, only when the goods are directly shipped to a country outside the EU.

Article 6. Reservation of property:

6.1 Miniatuurwereld.com stays owner of the shipped products untill the complete price has been payed.

Article 7. Payment:

7.1 Payments can be done to transfer the amount to the accountnumber of Miniatuurwereld.com, The Neherlands, (specifications given to Customer in confirmation mail) within 8 days after the invoicedate.

7.2 Unless otherwise stated all orders have to be payed in advance. To buy on credit is not possible.

7.3 Payments with creditcard or Pay-pal are not possible yet.

7.4 When a pre-payment has not been recieved 30 days after invoicedate, Miniatuurwereld.com considers the agreement to be cancelled.

Article 8. Guarantees:

8.1 Customer is held to check the goods delivered at the moment of delivery, or, when not possible, at the shortest moment after the delivery moment. Customer has to check quality and quatity of the product delivered.

8.2 Any visible shortcomings have to be reported by e-mail within several days to Miniatuurwereld.com.

8.3 Miniatuurwereld.com guarantees that all products delivered comply with the normal demands stated to these products.

Article 9. Responsability:

9.1 Miniatuurwereld.com cannot be held responsable to any damages to the products other than stated in article 8.

9.2 Miniatuurwereld.com cannot be held responsable , not by law, not by agreement, for damages suffered by Customent or a third party in case of use (or mis-use) of the products. Also loss of profit, loss of information, physical or mental damage or any kind of other damage are included here.

9.3 When the manufacturer of a defective product can be held responsable for the damage, the responsability of Miniatuurwereld.com is limited to repair or replacement of the product or by re-payment of the price of the product. The additional costs for re-payment will be for Customer.

9.4 Miniatuurwereld.com cannot be held responsable for damage , when this is caused on purpose / or due to own dept / or due to reproachable acting, or injudicious use by Customer.

9.5 The information, prices, products, pictures and services shown the on-line shop could contain shortcomings. Changes and additions are made frequently in the on-line shop. Miniatuurwereld.com and her manufactureres can not guarantee full liability for the information products, pictures and services shown. The information, products, pictures and services will be made under reservation.

9.6 All rights not mentioned in these Terms of Delivery are being reserved.

Article 10. Returnguarantee:

10.1 Customer has the right to return product(s) only within the terms set by Miniatuurwereld.com.

10.2 Not a single change may have taken place on or at the delivered product, so the product must be in a undamaged -new- state. All delivered documentation and packingmaterials must be added to the return-shipment.

10.3 All the costs for sending the return-shipment are on the account of Customer, unless otherwise agreed (in writting).

Article 11. Deliverance/Shipping:

11.1 Unless otherwise written agreed Miniatuurwereld.com decides the way of shipping. The moment of shipping is when products leave the online shop/storage of Miniatuurwereld.com.

11.2 Custoumer is obliged to accept the ordered products, on the moment when the products are handed over or when the products are at the disposal of Customer.

11.3 When Customer refuses to cooperate with the delivery or is neglectable in providing information or instructions necessary for delivery, products will be stored on account and for risk of Customer, after being notyfied by Miniatuurwereld.com. Customer has to pay all extra costs.

11.4 When Miniatuurwereld.com and Customer agree on deliverance, all these costs are on the account of Customer. The shippingcosts are calculated on the present-day tariffs used by the Dutch TPG Post or any other transporter agreed. No deliverance to countries of great danger or in War-zones.

11.5 When agreed that delivery will take in parts, Miniatuurwereld.com can hold up the execution of the next part till Customer gives his approval to reports of the previous parts.

11.6 When Miniatuurwereld.com need extra information from Customer for executing the agreement, the term of delivery starts after Customer has handed over this information to Miniatuurwereld.com.

11.7 When Miniatuurwereld.com has given a term of delivery, this is always an indacation. a given term is never a "fatale term". The ultimate term will never exceed the given term more than one week, unless there is a case of Force Majeure. When this term is nevertheless exceeded, Customer needs to hold Miniatuurwereld.com liable for this in writing (fax, letter or e-mail).

Article 12. Force Majeure:

12.1 When Miniatuurwereld.com cannot fulfill her obligations to Customer due to Force Majeure, execution of these obligations will be postponed for as long the state of Force Majeure lasts.

12.2 When the state of Force Majeure lasts longer tha 1 month, both parties have the right to cancel the agreement totally or partially, for as long as the Force Majeure justifies this.

12.3 In case of Force Majeure Customer has no right to any compensation, and neither when Miniatuurwereld.com should get advantages as a result of the state of Force Majeure.

12.4 Miniatuurwereld.com will notify Customer a.s.a.p. when an (imminent) Force Majeure is about to happen or happens.

Article 13. Disputes:

13.1 The court of judgement in the place of settlement of Miniatuurwereld.com is, by excluding all others, competent to take knowledge of disputes, unless a district-judge is competent. Nevertheless Miniatuurwereld.com has the right to put disputes before a competent court of judgement.

Article 14. Applicable laws/ Competent Judge:

14.1 On all this condition and the agreement Dutch law is applicable.

14.2 The application of the "Weens Koopverdrag 1980 (CISG)" is excluded.

14.3 All disputes which may arise due to these terms of delivery or the agreement, will be brought to judgement for a competent judge in the district of Miniatuurwereld.com, unless the Dutch laws dicate otherwise.